1. $10,000 Cash could be yours

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    $10,000 Cash

    Give Away 2014

    • “$10,000 Cash Give Away” is a company promotion which gives KMPG and PMPG clients the opportunity to win  $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) Cash
    • This Promotion draw will be eligible to KMPG and PMPG business clients between January 1st 2014 and 30th June 2014.
    • The Promotion draw will be conducted on the 7th July 2014 at the Kalgoorlie Metro Sales office at 118A Brookman Street Kalgoorlie 6430.
    • Winners will be notified by Phone, Email or Post until the winner is contacted and arrangements are made to coll
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  2. Christmas Newsletter

    Please click on our link below for a copy of our 2013 Xmas newsletter


    KALGOORLIE METRO Xmas Newsletter

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  3. Gold grows on Kalgoorlie trees

    ELLE FARCIC, The West Australian

    October 23, 2013, 6:03 am

    They say money doesn’t grow on trees but it seems gold does after researchers discovered tiny specks of gold in gum tree leaves in Kalgoorlie.

    A study by CSIRO scientists, published today in the journal Nature Communications, found eucalyptus trees in the region were drawing up gold particles from metres below the ground.

    The results showed gold was being taken up by the roots of the trees before being deposited in leaves and branches.

    Lead author and geochemist Mel Linter said the “golden leaves” could help uncover big gold depo

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  4. Perth Property Market In Better Hands

    Thursday, April 04, 2013

    04-Apr-13 Kalgoorlie Local Kristie Lee Mills

    – Mick Martell

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  5. Bonus MEGADRAW 2013

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

    Kalgoorlie Metro announces the $10,000 bonus MEGADRAW!

    Business clients that list and sell, or sign to have Kalgoorlie Metro manage their investment property before June 30th 2013 will go into the Bonus $10,000 MEGADRAW.

    The Megadraw runs in conjunction with the monthly Holiday on Us promotion draw were business client who List and Sell or Buy property through Kalgoorlie Metro go into the $2,000 holiday on us draw.

    As with all promotions there are a few minor conditions that need to be met before entering the draw so contact one of our experience Sales or Re

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