Property management and leasing is the backbone of our business. We consider it a privilege to work with each of our property management clients and are committed to making your investment journey as stress-free, satisfying and profitable as possible.
We have put together this section of the website to provide general information to property owners working with us. This does not replace legal advice. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss your individual situation, please don’t hesitate to contact your Property Manager.
Understanding your contracts
There are two key contracts that form the basis of our working relationship with you.
  1. Exclusive Authority to Act as Managing Agent: This agreement enables Kalgoorlie Metro to collect rent and manage your investment on your behalf, according to the terms and conditions agreed upon.
  2. Lease of Residential Premises: This agreement is signed by the tenant, as well as a member of the Kalgoorlie Metro Property Management Team. It stipulates the terms and conditions of the tenant living in your property, including any special conditions tailored to suit your specific needs.
Finding a suitable tenant for your property
In this technology-based age, the internet is the most powerful and cost-effective place to secure a tenant for your rental property. Kalgoorlie Metro ensures your property stands out from the crowd with strong marketing on the websites by the use of professional photography and listing properties as features.
In addition, we alert suitable tenants on our database, and have valuable relationships with relocation agencies looking for properties for clients being transferred to Kalgoorlie.
Evaluating the tenant and signing the lease
We’re proud of our robust tenant application process, and we invest heavily into this stage of the process to minimise the risk of problems down the track.
We require all applicants to provide current rental references (if applicable), previous rental references, character references, employment history and 100-points of identification. 
As the property owner, you will be asked who you wish to offer a Lease Agreement to. Your Property Manager will contact you to discuss each application, as well as their recommendations. Once your decision is made, we prepare all the necessary documents, including any of your special terms and conditions (so long as these comply with the law, and our policies – we will discuss this with you if required).
We are responsible for fully explaining the Lease Agreement to your tenant, so they understand their obligations before signing. We will also collect the required 4 weeks security bond which will be transferred to the Bond Administrator and the first 2 weeks rent. We will send a copy of the fully signed agreement to you for your records.
Property Condition Report
Prior to a new tenant moving into your property, we prepare a comprehensive Property Condition Report (PCR), which provides a detailed record of the condition of the property at the commencement of the Tenancy. This document is backed up with photographs and a copy will be forwarded to you for your records.
We are legally obligated to provide the Tenants with the PCR within 7 days of their Lease commencing. Tenants will then have seven days to check the report, make their own amendments and returned a signed copy to our office. At the end of the tenancy, the document becomes the point of comparison to determine whether the security bond is refunded to the tenant or used for further cleaning or repair damages.
Rental Payments
We have a zero tolerance when it comes to rent arrears and will issue a Breach Notice to the tenant if their rent payment is not received on time. By acting immediately, we rarely have repeat problems. This also allows us to take prompt legal action in the unusual cases when the outstanding amount is not paid on the expiry of the Breach Notice.
Property Maintenance
You nominate the amount you authorize to be spent on repairs and maintenance if issues arise. If work is required above this amount, the Property Manager will contact you for further authorization. Our contractors are also fully aware that they must contact our office if a job is going to exceed your personal expenditure limit.
In order to ensure your property journey is a smooth one, we carry out inspections 6 to 8 weeks after a new lease begins, and then every 3 months up to a maximum of the legal 4 per year. We utilise special programs to accurately track the condition of all rooms, gardens, and grounds. You will be emailed a full report, with photographs on completion of the inspection. The Property Manager will also highlight any maintenance concerns that may require attention.
As the property owner, you will be required to have adequate building insurance. This should cover public liability and house contents owned by you (tenants insure their own contents separately). If your property is part of a strata group, the strata insurance should cover the building, but will probably exclude contents such as carpets, curtains, blinds, light fittings and appliances.
We strongly recommend you also take out Landlord Protection Insurance, which is designed to cover many of the unique risks associated with owning a rental property. A good policy should provide cover for malicious or accidental damage, loss of rent and theft by a tenant, as well as legal expenses and legal liability.
Still have an unanswered question? Please contact our office.