Published on 30th August 2021

The story of Guinness & my battle with cancer


The journey all started in April 2019…………………when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. A big shock for all of us and one that I decided to tackle head on (as I do most things in life).

The diagnosis meant I needed major surgery and a decent recovery period.

In discussion with my partner Ev, we decided, it might be nice to explore the possibly getting a rescue or loan dog, for my recovery period.

We mentioned it to some close friends & within a short period of time, we found that a friend of a friend was looking after a dog that she was struggling with because of her long work hours. Plus she also had two cats to accommodate in her small house. After very little discussion or deliberation (the dog still unseen) we said yes. We would take the dog for a few months while the ladies friend recovered in rehabilitation.

We first met Guinness a few days later when she rocked up at the house as a cautious, sweet 6 year old little girl. She seemed somewhat reserved, unloved and the poor girl cowered down, when we went to pat her.

Guinness was a beautiful medium sized female Spoodle, aptly named, because of her very soft black fur & brown eyes. She was a very pretty dog but was very overgrown and in need of a good haircut and some good old fashioned TLC.

Ev & I instantly feel in love with Guinness. We were told that she was an outside dog and would sleep outside on the back alfresco area in her bed. We weren’t going to have a bar of that, so we slowly enticed her into our bedroom first on the floor & then later onto our bed.

Now 2 ½ years later and the rest is history.

The original owner could see how Guinness and I connected and to my delight, he agreed to sell Guinness to me in August 2019. Since then, I have unfortunately had 4 reoccurrence’s of my thyroid cancer and Guinness has also had a lump removed from her breast that was cancer. We have built this amazing bond & she has become a loving member of our extended family and staff at Kalgoorlie Metro. Guinness loves coming into the office every day.

Guinness is so loyal and has always by my side during my recovery periods. I am very blessed she came into our lives.

My battle with cancer & extensive treatment, has meant that I have been away from the office & Kalgoorlie for periods of time. I am very grateful that my team have stepped up and supported me through this difficult period of my life.

I am now very much enjoying being back at the office & also proud that my son Elliot has also just joined the Kal Metro team. It is great being back in Kalgoorlie, which has been my home for over 25 years and & I love it.


Guinness- Chief Entertainment Officer – Kalgoorlie Metro

From Guinness…. I have loved my life since joining my Mum’s Kal Metro team in 2019. It is just great!

I get to go to the office every day and hang out. My most important KPI is to let all the staff and customers give me cuddles and pat me. My goal each day is to try and eat as many lunches and morning tea snacks without Mum knowing. I then try and hide for the afternoon for a well-earned rest before we go home.

I am such a lucky girl!